Moving Checklist

Getting started and having a plan will save you a lot of pain later..

You can download our detailed checklist here: Moving Checklist

Now, let’s hack our way through the rest!

1.  Boxes The best place to find boxes isn’t alwas through the alley of your local Walmart.  People post free boxes all the time on Craigslist.  After you are done you can pass it forward as well!

2. More Boxes and Bubble Wrap Speaking of boxes, may people these days have a steady supply coming in the mail from Amazon and other online sources.  Yes, they may sometimes be odd shaped, but thats a good thing.  Smaller boxes are best for heavy items.  If you don’t believe me, go put all of your dishes in a single box.  I’ll be awaiting your call from the Emergency Room.

3. Important Items  Grab them first and place them together in a single box and don’t lose sight.  Having the family birth certificates in 3 separate boxes is a bad idea. This is especially if you lose your “Social Security Box.”  Good luck getting a beer at the next Rick Astley concert without your ID.

4. Kitchen Items I dare you to look in your pantry and browse the use by dates of spices.  A few months or a year past due isn’t so bad, but the used by 2012 are the ones to look out for.  This is a great opportunity to not only replenish items, but to also discard.  There’s nothing like freshly stocked shelves in a new house.  Also, it’s agreat opportunity to donate items to a food pantry.  If you’re going to move food then why not move it for a good cause?

5. Luggage Use it for packing all of the items that you will need for your first night.  Pretend you’re on an overnight vacation where everything is in boxes and…Ok, maybe that’s not the most exciting idea, but at least you’ll have a change of clothes, toiletries, towels, and other items to make it through the night.

6. Don’t Rush  Part of packing is arriving.  Many times our buyers want to make simple changes like paint the walls, change out a fixture or two, and sometimes install new carpet.  It’s much easier and faster to do these things before you unpack.  So, take some time to get these things done before you move in.


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We can tell you a lot more about the buying the process to get you moving quickly.  Ashbrook Realty is the leader in the Northwest Chicago real estate market.  Connect with a Realtor today to learn more.
Megan helped us find a rental downtown Chicago. She was knowledgable, professional, understood exactly what we were looking for and took time out of her Saturday and Sunday to show us the long list of places we liked. When we’re ready to buy, I know who I’m going to call!

Happy Renter

Full disclosure – I do not like real estate brokers…they are usually pushy and annoying. Not Megan. She is a professional and she’s there when you need her. We worked together to find the perfect condo for me and my wife, and her attention to detail was amazing. We are very specific people, and she was able to find our dream home. HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Ashbrook Realty for your next home.

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I have LOVED working with Ashbrook Realty. I have yet to find my dream home (or more like I can’t yet afford my dream home) but condo shopping with Megan has been easy fun and refreshingly low pressure. She will find the right home for me at the right time. Of this, I am sure.

Happy Homeowner