Seller Marketing

The average buyer has over 6 social media accounts!

Our marketing approach is vastly different from the traditional methods you have seen before.  We use a number of guerilla marketing tactics, hyper-local search, hash-tagging, and unique signage to create exposure. The largest percentage of buyers, ages 36 and younger and representing 35%,* have over 8** social media accounts!  The next largest group, ages 37-51* represent 28%** and possess over 6 social media accounts.  And ages 52+ have nearly 5**!  Traditional techniques don’t cut it anymore.

We send RSS feeds to our current contact lists of buyers and agents the moment your home is listed.

Of course, we will also use traditional methods such as mailers, signage, and Open Houses to get as much exposure as possible.

Advertisements such as this one are at bus stops, benches, parks, banners, and billboards.  Our hashtags are across all of the major social media platforms and the QR codes lead to hyper local searches with your listing appearing at the top and featured.
Our ads are targeted at potential buyers in the area or who are relocating from across the world.  By using Ads on platforms such as Facebook we are able to use demographics to create targeted advertising.  Also, our ads are highly mobile optimized for Facebook as well as instragram (Pinterest, Snapchat, and may others).  We reach audiences who are looking to purchase your home, in your neighborhood, with your home’s features.  This is just one more reason that agents at Ashbrook Realty sell houses faster and with higher prices than the competition.  Beats a sign and flyer any day, am I right?

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Signs should grab attention…

For selling your home!

It’s too often that selling your home is only an advertisement for the brokerage and not for your home.  The signs are boring and often so filled with words they are unintelligble (especially at distance).  Your house needs to stand out from others!  Our signs not only grab attention, but they are so creative they are often times shared by passerby’s on Facebook and Instagram.  Even better, people get the information they need: Contact information.

That’s marketing your home for sale.

*2017 National Association of Realtor Home Buyer and Seller Generation Trend Report. View it here.

**Statisca 2017 Average Social Media by Age Group (Account may be required).  View it here.

Megan helped us find a rental downtown Chicago. She was knowledgable, professional, understood exactly what we were looking for and took time out of her Saturday and Sunday to show us the long list of places we liked. When we’re ready to buy, I know who I’m going to call!

Happy Renter

Full disclosure – I do not like real estate brokers…they are usually pushy and annoying. Not Megan. She is a professional and she’s there when you need her. We worked together to find the perfect condo for me and my wife, and her attention to detail was amazing. We are very specific people, and she was able to find our dream home. HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Ashbrook Realty for your next home.


I have LOVED working with Ashbrook Realty. I have yet to find my dream home (or more like I can’t yet afford my dream home) but condo shopping with Megan has been easy fun and refreshingly low pressure. She will find the right home for me at the right time. Of this, I am sure.

Happy Homeowner