Find a home in the ‘HOT’ Portage Park neighborhood. Here you will find rows of your classic brick bungalow homes. This area is seeing lots of movement in both the real estate and business aspects. New homes are being built and even more are being dormered out and remodeled. This hood is also seeing new businesses pop up, including Culvers, Binny’s, Eris Brewing Company and an entire shopping complex right at the popular Six Corners. Be sure to check out THE Portage Park when touring this neighborhood, which is home to a dog park, olympic size pool, a special garden and several baseball diamond’s.

 10. 3238 N Nordica

5 Bed, 2 Bath Rehabbed English Tudor

9. 3244 N Plainfield

4 Bed 2 Bathroom Renovated Cape Cod

8. 6308 W Addison

3 Bed 3.5 Bathroom Renovated 2 Story Home

7. 3344 N Rutherford

5 Bed 2.5 Bathroom Renovated English Tudor

6. 4226 N Melvina

4 Bed 3 Bath Renovated Home

5. 3133 N Nagle

3 Bed 3 Bath Renovated Cape Cod

4. 6943 W Oakdale

 4 Bed 3 Bath Rehabbed Bungalow

3. 3421 N Narragansett

4 Bed 2 Bath Renovated Home

2. 3346 N Oak Park

4 Bed 2.5 Bath Sophisticated Home

1. 3748 N Octavia

3 Bed 1 Bath Charming Home

We Support the Portage Park Baseball Association

Proud Sponsors of the PPBA

We are happy to announce that are new sponsors of the Portage Park Baseball Association!  You are going to start seeing our signs in the area.  Here are some details on what the PPBA is:

There are over 400 kids who play at our local parks throughout late spring and into summer.  Ages and league information is listed below:

T-Ball (4,5,6 years) – $165
8-Ball (7&8 years) – $195
Minors (9&10 years) – $195
Majors (11&12 years) – $200
Pony (13&14 years) – $210
Colts (15-17 years) – $210

More information can be found at https://www.ppba.us

Fall Ball and Girls Softball season start in August 13th, 2018.  For registration information please visit their site.

To keep an eye on our newest initiatives in the communities we see you can visit out Charity page:


What is Earnest Money?

Earnest Money

You are working with your real estate agent to create a contract on the perfect home and she asks you how much money to put down for Earnest Money.  So, what is it?

Earnest money is money that you place in escrow with one of the brokerages and sometimes a lawyer.  This money is meant to represent your seriousness about purchasing a home.  What happens next?

1. Your contract is voided due to legitimate problems during the contract execution.  You couldn’t get a mortgage.  The house inspection goes horribly wrong.  You’ll get your money back quickly.

2.  You void the contract for no good contractual reason.  If the seller is really nice then you can get it back.   Otherwise, it is forfeited to the seller.

3.  You complete closing and purchase the home.  You will get the money back at closing or you can use it for things like closing cost.

To find out more of how much to put down you can visit this post:


What is Earnest Money