Tips for Selling Your Home Fast – Part 1

Selling Your Home Fast

Doing these things will payoff in the long run.  There’s a reason the sellers we represent have their homes on the market for less time than average!  Read below to for some tips on selling your home fast.

1. Curb Appeal

Trim those bushes back and rent a power washer.  So you’ve got a ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ thing going on?  Let’s take on that vegetation with a vengeance.  It’s the first and last thing people see when viewing your home.  Let’s give it our best.  Fill those empty flower pots, clean the windows, and wash the siding.  It could be the reason someone picks your house over another.

2. Keep it Clean!

Break out the duster and have the carpet cleaners over.  Dirt feels dirty and that’s never a good thing.  Remember, we’re putting our best foot forward.  Let’s make sure it’s not covered in mud.

3. Reduce the Clutter

Come on, you’ve got a stack of magazines from 2002 sitting there.  It’s time to find them a new home in the recycling bin. Spring Cleaning isn’t only for the spring!  Don’t forget you have to pack it all before you go, so let’s get an early start.

4. Stage for Photos

What’s the first thing people usually see when looking for a home?  Photos, photos, photos.  That plastic has done a good job keeping your couch looking new, but in photos maybe it is time for something a little more modern.  There are teams that can come in with new furniture and take photos in a matter of hours.  Imagine a team of movers with a change of heart because your house will look exactly the same when they leave.  It’s also really great for empty houses, because we get asked, “Do you think a bed would fit here?”

5. Understand the Value

You really love the 70’s cabinetry with matching green appliances, right?  Or maybe you just rehabbed your bathroom so that when the door opens Yellow Submarine plays?  Those things can be very unique to you and to others….not so much.  Understand that things you find valuable may not be to others.  Don’t take it personal.
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Find a Realtor: Big Search or Local Brokerage?

Ways to Find a Realtor

There are a number of way to find a realtor today that didn’t exist before.  You used to have to open the Yellow Pages, remember the guy on Main Street, or go to your family friend.  When you search for real estate today you are immediately hit by ads telling you that this site or that site will get you a top 5% producer.  It’s just advertising. So, what is the background on these and how do you pick?

Realtor Search Engine

Over the past few years a lot of new companies have popped up that offer to connect you to a Realtor. They have built large and comprehensive real estate search engines. We can get into the quality of the data in another post (we are talking to you, Zestimate).  Basically, what they are doing is creating a Google style engine where agents pay to play.  In Zillow’s case an agent can pay over $1000 a month to be show first in the area code you are searching.  That doesn’t sound like the best way to go about finding a Realtor.

Choosing a Realtor requires some work.

Behind the Scenes

Other companies, like Homelight, allow old data and sometimes unchecked data to be uploaded to their sites to create the illusion of quality.  For example, is a part time agent who has sold 100 homes over past 20 years better than the full time agent who has sold 50 in 3 years?  They don’t differentiate.  Other ways that the data can be made confusing is when there are teams involved.  Sales are funneled though a single Realtor even though behind the scenes there are upwards of 10+ agents actually doing the work.  It creates the illusion of a high quality and massive throughput person.  The reality is that you may never meet him or her, but just a team member.  Once again, they don’t differentiate.  It’s basically a brokerage within a brokerage. Either way, the numbers are easily skewed and you’ll be the one left holding the bag.


Lately, there are companies like Redfin.  The lines here can get very blurry.  Sometimes the Realtors work for Redfin, but sometimes they are just getting leads through Redfin.  How the agents gets paid is still an area of confusion and you may never really know, but the point of Redfin is this: Gather Marketshare by Commoditizing Real Estate at a massive loss.

Without a question, there are plenty of quality real estate agents working at Redfin, but many times you get what you pay for.  For example, we advertise your house on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, mailers, and other mediums to sell as fast as possible.  These things cost money to do.  Sure, we can do a 1% listing fee as well and sit back to wait for the offers to come in (by the way, it is never 1% if you look at the fine print).  You’ll even have your house on the their website (they pull from the same resources we do).  It’s very impersonal and very transactional (don’t call after 5pm either).  What happens when things go wrong or trouble arises? Jim Wang at had this to say:

“In the end, you get what you pay for. I’ve never used Redfin to buy or sell a home but folks who have tell me it’s very transactional. If you’re a DIY type, it’s perfect for you. If you need guidance or you’d like someone to search for you, then it’s not as hands on as a good full service agent might be.”

Our Thoughts

We think that finding an agent is a personal experience that requires us to mesh together.  Agents that are local to you can most likely provide the little insights into a neighborhood that others may not see or know.  They can discuss how neighborhoods have transitioned and the new exciting projects ahead.  Even better they have personal interest in the area.  We think that you should interview a number of agents, ask what they do different, and then decide for yourself.  Picking the “Top 5%” or the cheapest doesn’t always align with your goal.  Also, that kind of information is very hard to verify its accuracy as we mentioned above.  The lowest bidder isn’t always the cheapest and most cost effective either.  Just ask our mayor about this lowest bidder at our airports for pavement work.

Working with Us

What we offer is a very personalized and full service approach to your real estate buying and selling needs.  We are invested in your success because it’s also our success.  Our Realtors are paid their full commission each and every time.  We work as a part of the community and with that comes the responsibility to do our best for you, because we are here with you.  Jim also had this to say:

“The number one advantage of Redfin is in cost savings.”

We understand that saving money is a big draw which is why for a limited time out brokerage is offering similar cost savings today. These savings come from us, the broker, and not our Realtors. You can rest easy knowinfg that the are still working as hard as they can for you as a full service agent. 

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Real Estate Advertising in 2018 is Social Media

Real Estate advertising from 1990-2018 hasn’t changed much.   Flyers: Check.  Sign: Check. MLS: Check.


Why isn’t this Enough?

Generation X has grown up and millennial are too. Do you know what they have in common?  Both grew up on the internet. Facebook came about during the Generation X tenure and Instgram/Snapchat for millennials. They use QR codes, pay for things with their phones, and many times don’t even have a computer.  They sure don’t subscribe to the newspaper.  Real estate advertising today takes a lot more tech than it used to.  Putting a listing on the MLS and waiting for the showing to come is no longer a strategy for selling a house.  You need to have your home listed everywhere.

So, how do you advertise to the largest base of buyers of which many are texting their friends as they pass by your traditional sign?  Social Media.  Simple eye catching signage.  Being hyper-local.

Virtual Tours and drones are really cool, but how do you get today’s buyers to even know they exist?  We take those video and place them in Youtube ads.  We’ll use them in Google+, Facebook, Snapchat and Instragram.  We’ll have a QR code on your sign so that when people scan it they can save it to their device.  Who wants to remember this:  For more information visit  Ashbrook Realty recognizes that it’s out with the old and in with the new.

We Advertise Real Estate Differently

Contact us today to learn more to learn how we change how your property is sold.  We’ll leverage all of these mediums to get the most views and more importantly the highest price.

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Check these stats to learn more:

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Statisca 2017 Average Social Media by Age Group (Account may be required).  View it here.

Real Estate advertising requires a lot of new ideas

Selling Your Home: Real Estate Signage

Signs are for Selling

Selling your home is more than just plopping a generic sign in your front yard. We live in and drive around the neighborhoods to learn more about them and see what’s changing. We visit a ton of homes.  We can tell you what hasn’t changed: Signage.

Homes are littered with big, small, and strange looking signage.  Sometime we have to stop for 5 minutes just to figure out what we’re looking at.  Other times we have to squint see what’s written on the sign.  That’s not how you get results and it just confuses people.  Are they here to read a sign or to buy a home?  We think it’s to buy a home.  Signs that can’t be easily read are not making it easy to sell your home either.


Your signs should grab attention…

For Selling Your Home!

It’s too often that selling your home is only an advertisement for the brokerage and not for your home.  The signs are boring and often so filled with words and pictures they are unintelligble (especially at distance of more than 5 feet).  Your house needs to stand out from others in the neighborhood!  Our signs not only grab attention, but they are so creative that they are often times shared by passerby’s on Facebook and Instagram.  Even better, people get the information they need: Contact information. That’s marketing your home for sale.

When you are ready to sell your home fast and for the highest price contact us for one one of our top notch agents.  If you’re running a part time optometry school then use our competitors (what’s the biggest row you can read?).

Selling your home should be easy for buyers

This sign is not only simple and easy to read:  It’s simple to remember. Also, when selling your home you want to make sure that people can get and save the details they need easily.

Why the Cash Buyer Won Your Higher Bid

Why You Lost to a Cash Buyer

So, you’ve made a very competitive bid on a house.  Maybe you even went higher than the seller requesting thinking that the home of your dreams is in the bag.  You wrote a brilliant letter explaining why you are the perfect person to buy the home. You’ve promised closing in 30 days and took the home “as is.”  Your mortgage loan officer says you are good to go.

Most of the time this is a very compelling offer that would generally be accepted by the seller.  This time though, a cash buyer rode in and made an offer less than yours by as much as $10,000.  You’re a shoe in, right?  That’s not always the case.  Your agent calls you and lets you know that you just lost to a cash buyer.  So, what happened?

Benefits of a Cash Buyer

Cash buyers can close much faster.  Heck, if they really wanted to they could nearly close the same day.  The owner doesn’t have carrying cost at this point like, water bill, tax bill, next payment, interest, etc.  There is some decent savings there depending on the price of the house.

Other benefits to the seller are a near guaranteed closing.  Many times a closing is based on a 30 day period, but more often than not it never closes on time.  This is almost always because of the mortgage process. Banks aren’t in a hurry.  They will asks for information throughout the process and often you’ll find yourself closing weeks later than the initial closing date.  2 Weeks isn’t such a big deal in the scheme of things so what else does a cash buyer offer?

When you write a contract not only do you add a closing date, but you also have mortgage contingencies.  For example, the contract can be voided if you are unable to get a mortgage.  Also, you can even specify an interest rate as a reason for voiding the contract.  Maybe throughout the process you found that .5% interest rate increase over what you expected with a pre-approval used you to be unable to afford the home.

What Does this Mean for the Seller?

The seller has much less risk.  If it takes 30 days to find out that you can’t sell then they have have to find another buyer.  Also, they will have to pay for those carrying costs for another month.  Maybe something happened that could lower the value of the home or caused damage (think flooding, hail damage, etc.).  This is why they chose the lower cash offer with a quick closing over your higher offer.

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Lost to a cash buyer