About Ashbrook Realty

We came from a desire for change through creativity.

Ashbrook Realty was started by Megan Ashbrook who had spent the 5 last years questioning why the real estate buying and selling experience hasn’t progressed while she can order coffee online and have it delivered the same day. She believes that leveraging cutting edge technologies can change a client’s experience:

“The tools are the same and the process is antiquated.  Even the newer real estate data aggregators today provide outdated and incorrect data.  This has led to a lot of confusion and difficulty with real estate transactions and more often then not, delaying their completion.  There seems to be a communication breakdown at every turn.  It’s our goal to make the process as informative and seamless as possible.  No surprises.”

Ashbrook Realty has a very different view to marketing properties through mobile friendly websites and advertisements.  We are harnessing social media and creative mindsets to offer clients more exposure through unique ad campaigns.  You won’t have a giant brokerage advertise in your front yard, but an eye catching sign unique to your property with multiple avenues to reach prospective buyers.

“When I see traditional signage it makes me cringe.  They all look the same and do nothing more than advertise a real estate brokerage first and the client’s home second.  I prefer word of mouth and other unique ways to advertise my brokerage.”

The culture at Ashbrook Realty is one of creativity, charity, and community.  Nothing is off limits and we encourage people not only think outside the box, but hey, let’s get rid of the box altogether.   (ok, well there are some things off limits!).  Our brokerage and agents are engaged in multiple charities throughout the areas we service.  You’ll find us active in our communities participating in local events and helping to promote local businesses (see our Neighborhoods section!).

“We must give back.  It’s where we live and work. Living in Portage Park I have seen first hand what can happen when a community comes together.  I’m excited to see what the future holds.”

Ashbrook Realty is a full-service real estate company serving clients in Chicago and the Chicagoland Area. We offer home buying, selling and rental services.

With a passion for modernizing the Real Estate approach through technology and #socialmedia. Our targeted marketing fills the gap between tech and real estate and helps us better serve our clientele.

Growing at a rapid rate, we are recruiting the best real estate talent in the industry. Clients can be assured, they will be in the best hands that Chicagoland has to offer.  Keep up on what we are doing at our blog.

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