Real Estate Advertising in 2018 is Social Media

by | Apr 29, 2018 | Sellers

Real Estate advertising from 1990-2018 hasn’t changed much.   Flyers: Check.  Sign: Check. MLS: Check.


Why isn’t this Enough?

Generation X has grown up and millennial are too. Do you know what they have in common?  Both grew up on the internet. Facebook came about during the Generation X tenure and Instgram/Snapchat for millennials. They use QR codes, pay for things with their phones, and many times don’t even have a computer.  They sure don’t subscribe to the newspaper.  Real estate advertising today takes a lot more tech than it used to.  Putting a listing on the MLS and waiting for the showing to come is no longer a strategy for selling a house.  You need to have your home listed everywhere.

So, how do you advertise to the largest base of buyers of which many are texting their friends as they pass by your traditional sign?  Social Media.  Simple eye catching signage.  Being hyper-local.

Virtual Tours and drones are really cool, but how do you get today’s buyers to even know they exist?  We take those video and place them in Youtube ads.  We’ll use them in Google+, Facebook, Snapchat and Instragram.  We’ll have a QR code on your sign so that when people scan it they can save it to their device.  Who wants to remember this:  For more information visit  Ashbrook Realty recognizes that it’s out with the old and in with the new.

We Advertise Real Estate Differently

Contact us today to learn more to learn how we change how your property is sold.  We’ll leverage all of these mediums to get the most views and more importantly the highest price.

To learn more about Ashbrook Realty please visit our about page.  If would like to learn more about what we are doing to create more interesting your property then take a look at our Seller Marketing page where you can see what we do different to get your house sold fast!

Check these stats to learn more:

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Statisca 2017 Average Social Media by Age Group (Account may be required).  View it here.

Real Estate advertising requires a lot of new ideas