New Flavors to the Six Corners Area

As Realtors and neighbors in the area we are always happy to learn of new culinary developments in the area.  We are happy to report that the turnaround of Six Corners Shopping District located in Portage Park is picking up steam with! We Are happy to see a new restaurant pop up and fill another gap in the storefronts.  Please welcome to the area: The Frunchroom!

Created by Community Tavern’s chef de cuisine Matt Saccaro and Quay Tao (that’s some seriously respectable names in Chicago cuisines), the Frunchroom is an upscale but casual spot. They describe themselves as:

“A neighborhood cafe specializing in house made charcuterie, smoked meats and fish, fresh pastas and seasonal vegetables.  Our cooking is inspired by hand-crafted old world technique using local ingredients.”

After a quick read of the menu online we went in to check out it.  You won’t be let down!  There American Cheese charcuterie hits the spot and you’ll have plenty of cash left in your pocket because the prices are spot on.  Did you know that Frunchroom is Chicago slang for Front Room?  More Chicago slang here.

Portage Park Continues to Grow

The Portage Park, Irving Park, and surrounding areas have been growing and changing rapidly.  This level of new restaurant really brings a sense of high quality eats to the area.  There is always room for another brunch spot, right?  If you would like to gawk and the food and drool at the menu we have saved you some time.  Their website can be found here.  We hear that the meatball recipe belong’s to Sacarro’s Grandmother.

As always, If you’re ready to start searching for a home then contact one of our agents today to get started!  Our Realtors will be your best guide to local neighborhoods in and around Chicago.

Portage Park has a new restaurant in the neighborhood

4042 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60641